Asynchronous Tasks

If an API operation is asynchronous, but a client could track its progress, the response to such an asynchronous operation MUST return, in the case of success, the 202 Accepted status code together with an application/hal+json representation of a new task-tracking resource.

Task Tracking Resource

The task-tracking resource SHOULD convey the information about the status of an asynchronous task.

Retrieval of such a resource using the HTTP GET Request Method SHOULD be designed as follows:

  1. Task is Still Processing

    Return 200 OK and representation of the current status.

  2. Task Successfully Completed

    Return 303 See Other together with HTTP Location Header with URI or a outcome resource.

  3. Task Failed

    Return 200 OK and application/problem+json with the problem detail information on the task has failed.

Design Note

The asynchronous operation task-tracking resource can be either polled by client or the client might initially provide a callback to be executed when the operation finishes.

In the case of callback, the API and its client MUST agree on what HTTP method and request format is used for the callback invitation. If built within adidas, the "client" API is also the subject of the adidas API guidelines.

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